Helping people play with stress. Master Stress 101 Series
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Keynote Speeches

▢ Stress & Quality Leadership: Do you have what it takes?

It’s stressful being an active multi-tasking leader. Stress affects your leadership quality experience: good or bad. Learn practical strategic stress tips to be a successful leader. Why do some members totally love or hate their leadership experience? Accelerate the learning curve of balancing your lifestyle and obligations. Lead with greater mental-emotional endurance and develop supportive relationships which encourages professional growth. I’ll teach you four principles to master stress and maintain passion for high quality leadership.
▢ Hypnotic-Charismatic Communication™ for Dynamic Leadership

Connect with people fast! Gain new members, followers, and supporters! Instantly get into the minds of people you meet! Learn the power of being hypnotic with charismatic communication in any social environment. Understand how to master dynamic interaction skills to have the Wow Factor in your leadership image. Why are certain leaders perceived as more popular than others? Learn how to command a confident and attractive personality. Meet and play with fellow leaders, practice these techniques today.