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Executive Massage

Health Benefits:
> Decrease muscle pain by stimulating healthy blood flow throughout the tissue.
> Revive your mental and emotional energy by physically letting go of constant stress.
> Reduce weight gaining stress hormones like cortisol.
> Control your anxiety better.
> Increase mobility and range of motion.
> Achieve better quality sleep.

Executive Massage

Do you experience one or more of the following:

  • Chronic pain from constant strain and stress on your body?
  • Tight shoulders that won't go down and relax?
  • Knots in your back and shoulders that just won't go away?
  • Suffer from lower, middle or upper back pain?
  • Have chronic headaches?
  • Pain in your tired feet, wrists or hands?
  • Find it difficult to relax your body because you're so stressed-out?
Declare what type of massage you need:

▢ Deep tissue massage
▢ Medical massage
▢ Sports massage
▢ Pain management massage
▢ Relaxation massage
▢ Pregnancy massage
▢ Weight management massage
▢ Neuromuscular massage
How much pressure will you need?

▢ Light pressure level 1-2
▢ Medium pressure level 3-4
▢ Deep pressure level 5
Declare length of time you desire:

▢ 30 minutes
▢ 60 minutes
▢ 90 minutes

Create your own tailored massage session

Everyone has different needs when it comes to professional massage therapy. Each massage session is modified to your specific needs. Some people just need to relax while others may need a medical massage to help with chronic pain management. If you need more time worked on your back and shoulders, then I'll focus on those targeted areas.

Modify the length of time on each section of your massage

If you sit all day long at a desk or travel often, you might need some major work on your neck and shoulders. Therefore, we can spend 80% on your head, neck and shoulders, 10% on your feet and 10%on your hands.
Times have drastically changed and people are taking a proactive approach with their health and wellness. They are investing in their health by incorporating more massages throughout the year. More students, parents, professionals and executives are finally taking the time to get their muscles moving again by hiring a professional massage therapist.

People are getting older and living longer. They realize that massage bodywork done on a regular basis will increase their longevity. Massage therapy will help you keep moving by maintaining youthful, flexible muscle tissue.

True "Health Care" is your own hands through preventative tools like massage therapy. Health care means take care of your health. You can decrease stress related diseases, inflammation and anxiety. Invest in your health and try massage therapy today.

I'll be happy to answer any questions.
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Orthopedic Massage Therapy

Orthopedic massage therapy is a combination of several types of massage modalites to help reduce pain, balance muscle structure, and stimulate healing of injuries. Some of these techniques might involve sports massage, medical massage, myofascial release massage, clinical massage, deep tissue massage and other bodywork. The prime goal is to restore function and structural balance throughout the body by massaging the soft-tissue into a stable healthy condition. The body is made to heal if you give it the right physical healthy environment.

Each client/patient has a customized program developed by doing an initial assessment and then guided by the proper treatment plan.

People can injure their bodies simply by doing everyday things like working out, traveling on planes, typing on a laptop, driving a car, or standing too long.

Orthopedic massage can help improve several body structure issues:

> Rotator cuff injuries: Frozen shoulders
> Whiplash injuries
> Lower back problems
> Back spasms/pain
> Neck & shoulder tension
> Chronic headaches
> Sciatica
> Dowager's Humps: Hunchback
> Carpal tunnel syndrome

All major credit cards accepted

Gift Certificates Available

Give the gift of massage therapy to someone who deserves it.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a simple way of bringing a little relaxation in the office or special event. People don't have to be uncomfortable with disrobing because they keep their clothes on. It's also a great introduction to people that haven't experienced a massage. Professionals can quickly escape with a great shoulder massage and still remain in the office. Bridal parties can celebrate and relax for the big day. Employees can be rewarded for a productive month of success.

Chair massage event ideas:
▢ Reward incentive program
▢ Employee benefits
▢ Team building unity.
▢ Bridal shower and parties.
▢ Stress Spa Day at home or office.
▢ Special event/party activity for guests.
▢ Corporate events.
▢ Health & Wellness Expo.
▢ Convention booth attraction.
▢ Student Exam Stress Buster Week.

Ways to pay for chair massage event:

There are different options to pay for the chair massage event:

1) The event coordinator pays for the entire event.
2) The event coordinator pays for half and the participants pay the other half.
3) The event coordinator sets up date and employee pays entire fee.

Testimonial: Kathryn Bertram

My two year program of myofacial release with lymphatic drainage massage treatments received from Hajii Otto have been exceptionally therapeutic resulting in a pain-free lifestyle now. I have suffered with fibromyolasia and hypothyroidism and I'm grateful to have Hajii's professional care. He has guided me to a new stress less healthy body and lifestyle.

Kathryn Bertram

~455.002 Texas Occupation Code: Massage Therapy As Health Care Service

" (a) Massage therapy constitutes a health care service if the massage therapy is for therapeutic purposes."

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