Helping people play with stress. Master Stress 101 Series
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Keynote Speeches

Professional Speaker: 

My keynotes will get your audience to rethink about their stressful lifestyles to reduce anxiety and increase vital energy.  I’ll embed in their minds new metaphors to differently see their world and celebrate life. Everyone will learn how to change their perception into a stress less attitude and learn hands-on stress techniques at the same time.  It’s a high energy and interactive keynote speech. People will leave with new stress strategies to become more productive in life and work without all the stress and anxiety.  Come laugh and play with The Chill Out Guru™.

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  • Experience an interactive fun keynote speech.
  • Learn practical stress management techniques.
  • Change your perception to celebrate your daily life at home or office.
  • Increase your vital energy to become more effective as a student, parent, professional or leader.
  • Become more passionate about your life again by changing your mind and heart.

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